Twelve Myths About Lesbians and Their Relationships

People use stereotypical garbage to colour their picture of any group they do not belong to. In this case the lesbian community is no exception. Most of the things people believe about lesbians are a fabrication. In a previous article I wrote about the fabrications about gay men; some of those fabrications goes for lesbians as well, but there are a few unique lesbian myths.

  1. Lesbians want to be men.

The fact that lesbians are attracted to their own gender doesn’t mean that they want to be men. People who want to change to another gender are transsexuals. Not all lesbians are butch and even though they are butch it doesn’t mean that they have any inclination to change their gender.Myths About Lesbians and Their Relationships

  1. Lesbians does not look the same, some are butch and others feminine.

People think you will know a lesbian if you see one. That is one of the biggest mistake they make. Not all butch women are lesbians, some are straight, and not all lesbians are butch, some are just as feminine as any straight woman.

  1. Lesbians hate men.

Lesbians are sexually attracted to women, but they do not necessarily hate men. In fact in most cases lesbians have many male friends. The fact that both straight men and lesbians are attracted to woman means they have a common interest that makes friendship between them easy to understand.

  1. All a lesbian needs is the right man, and then she will turn straight.

The idea that sexual orientation is a choice is the basis for many myths. One of these is the myth that a lesbian just need to have sex with a man to change her sexuality.

  1. Being a lesbian is a choice

This is yet another myth that is based on the idea that sexual orientation is changeable. Many straight men overestimate their power of seduction. You will not turn a lesbian straight with your almighty powers; she isn’t interested so get over it.

  1. You have to have sex with a woman to know that you are a lesbian.

Do straight people have to have sex before they know what attracts them sexually? Off course not, the sexual desires within you are very clear long before your first sexual experience and lesbians are not an exception to that rule.

  1. Lesbian relationships are always just about sex.

For some reason people guess wrong about things similar and things dissimilar between homosexual and straight relationships. Just like straight relationships they can sometimes only be about sex, and they sometimes can be about everything in any other relationship. People are not the same, but in most cases homosexual relationships are normal relationships with but one exception – the partners have the same gender.

  1. Lesbians are attracted to all women.

Are straight men attracted to all women? Definitely not, and it is also not true about lesbians. In the straight community people talk about chemicals; sometimes it’s there and sometimes it just isn’t. In homosexual relationships it works exactly the same.

  1. One partner is the “man” and one the “woman”

This is one of the examples of a dissimilar aspect of lesbian relationships. The question is what you see as the “manly” role? Is the man always the aggressive one, the strong one, the sexual top, the handyman, or the decision-maker? No, these roles are interchangeable in any homosexual relationship. In fact, it isn’t totally dissimilar to straight relationships because sometimes you see the same thing in them.

  1. Lesbians are by nature irreligious or non-spiritual.

The fact that most religious fanatics hate homosexuals doesn’t mean that most homosexuals hate religion. All people are spiritual beings and most people are religious. Like someone once said, I don’t have a problem with Jesus, I have a problem with idiots like you who claims him for your own perspective. Another smart person once said, the moment you realize that God feels the same as you about everything; you should realize that you created him in your image.

  1. Lesbians were damaged as children. Either they had a too weak father or a too strong mother

Lesbians have brothers and sisters who are straight. If the problem was with their upbringing all their brothers and sisters would’ve been gay. Many homosexuals had a close to perfect childhood and research hasn’t showed a single example of parenthood that caused all children to be gay.

  1. Lesbian relationships do not last very long.

Most marriages, straight or gay, don’t last and being heterosexual doesn’t help. As in the case of straight marriages/long-term relationships, many lesbians have been in the same relationship for a lifetime. The fact that they were not allowed to get married or have a public relationship are the two reasons why you do not know about them.

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